When choosing an evaporative cooler, few crucial considerations should be kept in mind. The first step in choosing an evaporative cooler is to find a correctly sized unit. Like air conditioners, evaporative coolers need to be the right size in order to adequately cool a room.

The output of evaporative coolers is rated by CFM. This measurement essentially describes the Cubic Feet Per Minute Of Air that the Eco cooler can blow into your room, and whether you’re cooling a single room or entire place, please enter the details like length, breath and height of the room for determining the proper size Eco cooler you need.


As a general rule, choose the largest cooler you can afford, and keep in mind that a large evaporative cooler with a big blower and low horsepower motor will sometimes perform better than a small model with a high horsepower motor. Unlike AC’s there’s no harm in choosing an evaporative cooler with a slightly greater cooling capacity than the space you’re cooling.

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